Healing Halion is harder than I hoped.

Okay, bad alliterations there. It was just so tempting.

Halion the Twilight Destroyer, the newest (although not completely new anymore) raid encounter in our beloved WoW, is interesting. I like the fight.

On normal mode, he is quite easy to beat while still being an interesting boss to fight. For many guilds, he went straight to farm status after he was released. The hardmode is genuinely hard, from what I could see last night – and that wasn’t much. There is so much going on in that fight effects-wise that my PC and Internet both just kept crashing. The Internet connection was in a sorry state to begin with and I couldn’t do much about that except wait for the others to finish their silly downloads, and my PC shall be upgraded shortly.

Nevertheless, I will try and describe what I could gather from those few precious seconds I had in the fight and from what I heard on Vent.

The hardmode changes the whole fight. It is genuinely hard. My new guild (hopefully a place I can call home soon), who is progressing fairly well in ICC25 hardmodes, was struggling with even getting him to P2 – they succeeded on their last (29th) try, when I was already replaced due to the aforementioned problems. On one hand, I want to be able to do the fight at all (working on that) and down him, but on the other hand this appears to be much more challenging than anything I’ve come across in ICC and I think that’s great.

What I’ve been curious about, though, is which priest should be in which realm in P3. It matters little for the normal mode of the encounter, but in the hardmode, there’s two lines of argument. One is to have the Disc priest in the Twilight Realm because she can more easily heal while moving, the other is to use the Holy priest for that so that Body&Soul can be provided to those with the debuff to enable them to move as quickly as possible. I don’t think it’s easy to determine which is the better course of action without seeing how much your raid struggles with movement where B&S would help, but it’s certainly something to think about.

I’ll not go into more strategy details since we’ve not worked this out completely yet ourselves and there’s enough guides out there already, but I think I like our pink new dragon foe more than I ever thought I’d like any member of the Black Dragonflight.

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