Updates on spreadsheet, guild search and general Blizzard news.

First things first.

I am proud to announce that I have finished a priest spreadsheet, it can be found here. It doesn’t do much — it merely shows the casting times for a healing priest’s more relevant spells. Not too fancy, especially not for Disc, but it seems to work with my own data, I’m in the process of letting some other priests I’m friendly with input their stats to see if it gives them the right numbers, too. And it’s just good for my ego to have presentable results.

Please be aware that I’ve thrown this together in an hour or so, so don’t be too awed by it. I specifically decided to make this because I know my other spreadsheet is a lot of work and I needed some results to keep me going with the larger problem.

Guilds! I finally submitted a formal application to a raiding guild, the one I’ve done ICC10 with recently. I spoke to some of their officers on Vent and they seemed rather pleased with what they saw even though they aren’t really looking priests at the moment. They might want me to go Holy and I don’t actually feel very bad about that even if I hope that I can still be Disc for those fights where a Disc/Disc setup can actually shine. Possibly Disc with Holy gems, though. I’m supposed to get a reply tonight, I’m obviously hoping it will be positive.

The last issue I want to adress, which every gaming blog is discussing at the moment: RealID and the rather shocking announcements about it. I’m sure anyone who reads this has read some of the other things going on such as people actually showing how easy it is to find someone’s real life adress and such from just their name and character name. I have my own reasons for not wanting my account’s name all over the forums, and those are different from the reasons most have (potential stalkers and such), but I can see how there are still very real dangers. I’ve long ago put in place an online identity that does display my real name with the rest of the data being random (but still credible). It has been quite successful at leading past stalkers onto a wrong trail.
I won’t say more, even saying as little as I did here might prove a mistake. I’m willing to take that risk because I hope someone will read this and follow my example.

I am  aware that there are quite a few people off the Internet who in fact know all my real life data and also some who have enough to find it out without my consent, but the idea is still viable and can help protect you if you choose to expose yourself to the public by using the O-Boards in the future.

If it comes to this RealID implementation. What with the potential threats by people holding a grudge against or developing an unhealthy obsession with you, future employers googling your name to see you flame someone on your server forum and other issues connected to this, I do hope it doesn’t happen.  I also think it’s a bad, bad step business wise for Blizzard. Maybe Activision hope to get something out of this, but I do not know what.

The other bit about this is that they want to merge it with Facebook in some fashion. I sometimes think mentioning my character on Facebook at all is simply a bad idea because there seem to be people who make judgements about how hardcore I’ve been with raiding when I down Rotface heroic. Ha, ha.
This whole linky-deal would just make that problem more severe, and possibly decrease my influence over matter which is something I don’t like at all.

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