Alt runs

This past weekend I did my usual weekend raiding, getting the week’s two ICC out of the way.

I did ICC25 with a PuG on Saturday and even for a PuG it was worse than what I’d encountered those past few weeks. There was some ninjaing at Saurfang, the raid fell apart and I put the raid leader on ignore. Couple this with the fact that everyone was more than geared enough to go for Kingslayer, and you may be able to see why I’m frustrated with this sort of thing.

Afterwards, I was lucky enough to be able to join an ICC10 alt run of a progression guild on Kazzak I’m friendly with (seriously love these guys, and I now informally applied to them). We had to take along two randoms – always a bad idea – and called it after wiping on Marrowgar heroic, so no one got saved and we didn’t have to run the rest of the instance with two people who were incapable of switching their target to Bone Spikes when necessary. We decided to reform the raid on Sunday afternoon.

It took about 5 hours to get a raid group together from the time I was told to be online on Sunday, but it was well worth it. There was one other person not in said guild participating, and he was from another progression guild, so no worries there.

Some people did bring undergeared alts, but we had a near perfect raid composition (including a shaman who wasn’t an idiot, for once). We only succeeded at the two easiest hard modes because gear was unfortunately a bit of an issue, but we killed 10 bosses without much trouble – hard to see that in a PuG, even when everyone is decked in ICC25 gear.

Sindragosa was the weekly and we tried to down her while getting the quest done 4 times or so, and then went for a try without attempting to do the quest. That didn’t go all too well, either, and it’s probably in part because I got distracted enough to miss Unchained Magic on myself and kept spamming heals, dying to 20 stacks of that at the beginning of her first flight phase.

After that it was getting late, so we called it a night.

Having done 5/12 HM in ICC10 and also downed Sindragosa in the past, this wasn’t my best raid but it was one with skilled people and felt more like an accomplishment than most PuGs do. I’d be fairly happy just doing alt runs with skilled people for the moment, happier than pugging anyway.

Let’s just see what they think about my application.

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