Healing Spreadsheets

I’ve started working on a Disc spreadsheet.

What inspired me was this thread on Allakhazam where I answered some questions about Disc raid healing. As you can see when you read it, I made some blanket statements about gemming choices without providing any mathematical proof. Gemming for Disc is very straightforward. I have now done some theorycrafting and for our current shield-spamming playstyle Spell Power seems to really be ahead of everything else for throughput by a huge margin, once we’re over haste cap. This confirms my experiences and what the leading Disc bloggers have said for a while now, but I ended up making a spreadsheet to at least do the math for our most important spells.

Spending time in Excel anyway, I have decided to attempt to create a spreadsheet that can be used as an in-depth tool for gear analysis based on World of Logs data.

What it will do once I’m finished is enable a priest to put in their base stats and log data from a specific fight, as well as raid buffs present at the time, and then modify some stats to determine the impact some choices have on their average throughput. Using relatively small data samples (single bossfights), RNG plays a large role and the data the spreadsheet produces will not reflect reality as accurately as I’d like, but it takes into account our personal playstyle in specific encounters, which is incredibly significant for healing.

We are not DPS, we don’t have an optimal rotation because even being the most proactive healers in the game, our spell choice is still a reaction to what an enemy is throwing at us or about to throw at us. Taking data from logs to run through the spreadsheet takes this into account.

There is also another problem I can’t solve and that is overhealing. Luckily Disc is the one healing spec where this isn’t such a big deal and we can’t just gear for more haste anyway since the global cooldown cannot be shorter than one second.

It also doesn’t take mana efficiency into account but that isn’t a big deal nowadays, anyway. Exploit Rapture, friends! I will probably post about this soon since it’s one of my favourite topics.

So all in all, the spreadsheet will never correctly reflect anything but I hope to get it to a level where it’s nearly as good as your average DPS spreadsheet for the purpose it’s meant to serve. Or at least get it to give reliable enough data to support our gear choices.

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