LF Guild

Hello everyone!

Let me first introduce myself, or rather my character in World of Warcraft.

My name is Kalivha, and I am a troll lady. Trolls can’t get much more ladylike than me. I am a level 80 Discipline priest and currently an officer in a social guild that can’t really get raiding started due to serious attendance issues – the price of being social.

This brings me right to the core of the problem. Back in 2007, I used to be a progression raider. My guild wasn’t anything special and at the time I was still a Night Elf, but we did reasonably well, the environment was relatively serious and we actually got some Alliance-side server first kills. On a bad server. But that is not the point.

I’ve been in social guilds that raided very casually since and I really hate not being able to progress. In my current guild, we all have the right mindset to do progression raiding but we have 4-5 active players which means hitting Trade Chat and even with selecting people as carefully as possible you always get enough fail to not get very far in current content (or even outdated content, for that matter – I’ve yet to participate in an Anub’Arak 25 kill).

Knowing my own mindset and that of our guild leader, I have persuaded the two other people who are still truly active in our guild to try and apply to a proper raiding guild with me. I would love to keep playing with them but ultimately I cannot bear the frustration that pick-up groups bring anymore.

So I’ve been writing my application. I’ve yet to post it anywhere since I’m missing a World of Logs parse showing my performance in a raid, and since we haven’t fully agreed on a guild to apply to yet. I’ll log my next VoA or something, which I should be able to do today, and then send in my application. This is a lot like looking for jobs. I enjoyed writing the application more than I did for most job applications and I feel I did a better job, too. It’s at least at the same standard (truth be told, I wouldn’t put this much work into applying for some random retail job).

So hopefully I will find a guild and finally get a challenge out of this game. I like doing my best, but I can’t truly fulfil my potential if I’m held back by others like this.

And if I get to participate in progression raiding, I will do my best to share my experiences here.

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